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Is your newly implemented EHR system overwhelming your office staff?

Is there still too much paper that needs to be scanned and then indexed in your EHR?

The new EHR Indexing/Filing Service can help reduce your clerical/data entry burdens.  You can reduce your burdens by tailoring our off-site EHR support team to handle the indexing of all (or a portion) of your documents that are scanned into your EHR.  Our EHR Indexing/Filing Service can complement your specific EHR workflow at a very reasonable cost.

         We attach your scanned documents (registration forms, consult notes, discharge summaries, lab results, etc.) under the necessary category for the correct patient in your EHR system

         Use your staff for more important tasks (e.g., billing, scheduling appointments, assisting and greeting patients/visitors, etc.)

         We will meet with you to learn your rules for categorizing your documents and to understand your workflow

         There will be multiple people trained in your way of filing, allowing us to always have someone working for you. 




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