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Scanned documents like lab results, prescriptions, consults, etc. are often not directly interfaced with your EMR. After these documents are scanned into your EHR our service attaches the patient name, date, category, and description to correctly index each document into your EHR. Our off-site EHR support team is tailored to meet the needs of each practice.


EHR Document Conversion Support provides essential assistance converting to an EHR or converting between EHRs. Trained specialists take scanned paper documents and file each document in the right category for the correct patient. Our support team performs a task that is very similar to our EHR Indexing/Filing Service.

Document Conversion

iTranscription provides a medical transcription service to healthcare providers nationwide. With a focus on quality and reliability, urgent transcriptions are proofread and returned promptly within 24 hours. Our transcription service is HIPPA-compliant and all data is confidential and secure

Doctor speaking into a voice recorder

Sovran Inc. provides solutions for Business Application and Web Application Development, Testing, and Support, using cutting-edge technologies and architectures, our committed, dedicated staff, and an emphasis on communication and a deep understanding of your needs. Services include software engineering, new development, testing, and more.

Programming Services

Founded in 1999, Sovran Inc. is a U.S. company providing Software and Processing services to the Healthcare industry. With our own fully integrated Offshore facilities, we aim to provide you with the best quality at a competitive price.

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