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Sovran Inc. offers Programming, quality and performance testing, technical documentation, implementation and customer support services. Our typical clients are small to mid sized companies that require a cost effective, off-shore IT department dedicated to their needs.

Dedicated Offshore IT Team

We build you a dedicated team to seamlessly integrate with your US office. Each team member is recruited after an extensive interviewing process. Not only are they evaluated for technical capability but also for their interest in your domain. While time consuming, this approach ensures a high level of quality and retention, a major problem area in 'typical' offshore development companies. The team is trained in your company domain, methodology and business procedures to ensure tight integration with your US operation.

For one client Sovran Inc. successfully built a team starting with 7 software engineers that grew to a staff of over 80. The initial team in sustaining engineering was expanded to include new development, testing services, technical documentation, and customer support (Europe, Asia and USA).

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