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The following are examples of the types of services that we offer:

Programming, Porting, & Conversion to New Technologies including Software/Web/iOS/Android

Sovran Inc. develops applications in Java, Javascript, HTML, Objective C, C++, Ruby, Python, .NET, and SQL. Example: Convert an existing web based Document Storage and Workflow Management application from outdated PHP to modern Java. The application manages 2.7 million files (over one half terabyte of data) while providing secure submission of source materials, document creation and editing workflow management, final delivery, and archive management.

Several technologies are employed to provide multi-layered security and privacy. These include Secure Sockets Layer communications, military-grade public-key encryption using 3DES and IDEA ciphers with 1024-bit keys, server-level authentication, application level authentication, and access restrictions that are customizable based on types of users and group membership. The conversion resulted in higher reliability, reduced support workload, greater speed, and higher user satisfaction.

Web Enabling and Sustaining Engineering for Existing Software

Sovran inc. has written software in Java to provide a web interface to existing legacy applications. By tightly integrating the new software we were able to provide access to a wealth of data in a secure manner. In addition, a third party host interface allowed the software to integrate with third party software. A suite of XML configurable forms allows this application to be modified to suit the client's specific data requirements and processes.

Bug fixing, program enhancements and QA services were provided for these applications. In addition, Periodic Performance Tests were carried out to verify the capability of supporting the load predicted for live customer usage.

Interfacing between Software applications from different Vendors

We have the expertise to connect separate systems, for example to interface the NextGen Electronic Health Record System, which provides an HL7 interface, and a Siemens ACUSON Sequoia C512 Echocardiography system, which provides a DICOM interface.

In addition to allowing test data to be transmitted directly, eliminating errors and delays, such an interface allows new options such as long-term image storage for before-and-after comparison.

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